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Coral was a beautiful girl with turquoise eyes, dimples, braids, a wide captivating smile, love for all human beings and animals, stubborn, belligerent and with a huge hart that always thought of others.

Coral past away in 2016, at the age of 16, after a long hard fight with a very rare genetic disease. She always succeeded to smile and be happy in spite of unexplainable chronic pain.


In her own way, she taught all those around her what is important in life and how a smile, laughter and most of all care for others can give the strength and ability to cope with any obstacle.




The immense pain she felt through all her body was only possible to be felt not seen. This caused Coral and her family to encounter many walls and barriers because of the lack of belief from those around her. From this experience grew the slogan "Believe me! Believe in me!".


Coral's Family feeling CORALIZEM

Each person needs others to believe in him, only like that can he believe in himself. In that way he will succeed to overcome obstacles, be truly happy and be able to strengthen others around him.

The center wishes to show the true uniqueness of the "special child".

In the everyday situations, the special child feels he is a burden on his family and those surrounding him. Most of the time they need to stay beside him and care for him. At the center he will find out that precisely thanks to him, his family can receive love, support and the help they need so much.

Thanks to him, all his family members can find their strong holds and learn to believe in themselves.

Together, the child and his family, learn to build, promote and empower each other.

The "Coralizem Project" will provide families an enjoyable and empowering experience in the spirit of "Coralizem".


Using positive and empowering activities, families will be able to touch their pain and day to day challenges instead of trying to contain and hide them. Acts that lead to bloking the soul from true happines.

By dealing with pain in an open and containg space each one of the family members will find sources of power within themselves and the people around them. Making room for joy and growth.

This empowerment will allow an open communication between family members enabling them to deal with issues related to the special child, and being  a "special family". 

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