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Coralizem Project

The center wishes to show the true uniqueness of the "special child".

In the everyday situations, the special child feels he is a burden on his family and those surrounding him. Most of the time they need to stay beside him and care for him. At the center he will find out that precisely thanks to him, his family can receive love, support and the help they need so much.

Thanks to him, all his family members can find their strong holds and learn to believe in themselves.

Together, the child and his family, learn to build, promote and empower each other.

The "Coralizem Project" will provide families an enjoyable and empowering experience in the spirit of "Coralism".

That  empowerment will allow an open communication between family members enabling them to deal with issues related to the special child, and being  a "special family". 

Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic riding is highly recommended by pediatricians, child development physicians, occupational therapists and physiotherapists for the treatment of:

  • Learning disabilities and ADHD

  • Low self-esteem and insecurity

  • Sensory regulation problems

  • Motor difficulties

  • Developmental disorders including the autistic spectrum


The open space farm operates according to the highest standards of treatment centers.


The team is composed of experienced and professional riding therapists, psychologists and animal therapists who know how to help your child take the reins into his own hands

Horse Back Riding

"On the horse's back, the sky is the limit"


We invite you to experience freedom and strength on horseback.

Horse riding is a unique combination of sport and art and relaxation. In every encounter with the horse we connect on the one hand power to speed and power and on the other are exposed to its tenderness and softness.

In the open-air ranch, riders from all levels, beginners to champions of Israel, compete in show jumping competitions and we know how to match each rider with the horse and trainer who can help him fulfill his dreams.

Above all in every visit to the farm you can leave the moment of the race of life, open the heart, and through the peace and quiet of the horse reconnect to yourself.

Life Training For Youth At Risk

Boys and girls in distress are treated with the help of "Open Space" horses.

In general, high-risk youth come from a background characterized by poverty, distress, and delinquency.

These young people experienced many failures during their short life, were rejected and expelled from the education system, or simply ignored.

Without a family or supportive environment that will identify the difficulty, support and accompany it, and as a result they connect to a criminal society.

They have lost their faith in themselves and the motivation to learn, persevere, and invest in their lives.

They fail to free themselves from the bear hug of the criminal society in which they grew up in, and on the other hand are aware of their situation and cry for help in order to break through the magic circle.


The special program, which is very successful and appreciated, developed by Dr. Ofer Komarovsky on the farm, is designed to enable these boys to break through the circle and give them the power to choose the right path.
The project deals with the improvement of self-image and the introduction of new tools and norms of behavior which means creating trust in the ability to cope and succeed in the face of difficulties and obstacles, taking responsibility for their lives and their future.

All this gives them the confidence to integrate into the society of their peers, to feel belonging, worthy and equal, and connects them to the pursuit of success and excellence.

The open space farm received a special approval from the Ministry of Education to operate a horse matriculation program designed for youth with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders. The boys come from various schools for a day of activity on the farm, which includes practical study and theoretical study. For them, this is an extraordinary therapeutic experience that enables them to find the strength to continue with school and finish 12 years of study. The experience of studying for matriculation exams is expressed in the courage to deal with other academic subjects and to take other matriculation exams.
In the framework of the project, the youth who part in the program complete the matriculation exams with 5 horseback riding units. They take an active part in national competitions , and in the 12th grade they undergo a course for riding instructors, which at the end they receive a profession for life and work opportunities on the farm.

This is a groundbreaking project that is able to bring about a fundamental change in the lives of the boys - 15 boys and girls have been certified as riding instructors, many have enlisted in the IDF and some serve a combat service, and one girl is currently studying for a bachelor's degree in law. .
The "Life Training" project includes the following activities:
Riding and handling in the stable and horse, in which the boys cope with fears, the need to postpone gratification, boundaries, control, work habits, responsibility, listening and respect for the horse.
Which transforms them from "patients" to "caregivers," thereby achieving the greatest personal progress and empowerment of self-image.

Long field trips in nature - enabling a variety of challenges, teamwork and authority.
Taking an active part in the life of the community on the farm.
Theoretical, theoretical and vocational training, which is the basis for acquiring a profession and earning a living.
The sense of belonging to the community, the encounter with diverse populations, and the various activities teach the boys and girls to accept themselves with love, not to fear their weaknesses, to cope and take their fate into their own hands.


In order to operate the project, we need donations that will enable other children and adults to experience success, improve their self-image, and develop in their lives as we all aspire to.

Growing Community


Growing Community - Employment for people with special needs as a continuation of the rehabilitation process.

Within the vast activity of the "open space", which is essentially the study of therapeutic riding and animal therapy, the beating heart of all activity is the "growing community".


This is a unique and innovative professional project on a national and global scale that is gaining the enthusiasm of all professionals.

Members of the "growing community" are special people who have found themselves for various reasons on the margins of society and are unable to integrate into normative life.


The idea behind the activity is that people who come from various difficulties, such as mentally frail, post-traumatic, autistic, mentally retarded, at-risk youth, etc., who work together and express their qualities in helping other members of the community - help and maintain at the same time .

These members operate and maintain all activities of the "open space", provide the service, and integrate with all our customers as equals. In an ongoing process, we help them feel equal and worthy, and than they are able to cope and push into the stream of normal life, to integrate, not as inferior, not as good seekers, but as people with special qualities and who become our teachers and help us learn about ourselves.

Our way to be in a better world, because of them, "open space" is what it is, a happy, optimistic place that allows us to feel simple, worthy, equal and look at life at eye level.


They teach us to look at the world and life at a different angle, to be open, free and able to deal with difficulties and dream of change.

At different stages of the process we promote the insecure, depressed, sense of non-fulfillment and failure people to realize their full potential and change them to self-fulfilling people.

Members of the "growing community," mentor the farm's children and young patients, take care of the horses, groom the vegetable garden, clean the stables, prepare the horses for riding, help the riding instructors, activate the petting zoo, help to feed horses and clean the farm.


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